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Bastiaan Maarten Kiens Welcome to the Website of Kiens Physiotherapy

Our Practice is located in the ‘Quattro ville Complex, Jüdtstr. 1, 91522 Ansbach. The Practice has a ground floor entrance, is wheelchair accessible and has 4 free parking places.

We are a Neuro-Orthopedic Practice. We treat all kind of orthopedic and neurological patients, in every Age from babies to adults.

The Physical Therapy services we offer:
Hands-on-Therapies: Manual Therapy, Massage, Lymphatic Massage , Hands-off like Sport-Physiotherapy, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy and others like Heath-applications or Medical Taping.

Our experienced Team with a number of certified Specializations will give a qualified, holistic and individual Treatment.

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